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Toronto, ON – Monday August 1, 2011


Ibrahim Kamal Takes Another Step Up on August 5th in Montreal.


 After only three professional fights, Ibrahim Kamal (3-0, 3 KO’s) will be stepping up and fighting a six round bout in Montreal this Friday August 5, 2011 against FERENC SZABO (12-14-2) of Hungary.


 According to Kamal, Szabo has an amateur pedigree and his record is deceiving:


“I fought this guy when I was in the amateurs and I beat him in Hungary, but only by one point.  I remember the fight and the guy can box.  He is my age (26) but he has already been a pro for 6 years and has 28 pro fights.  They have been matching him very tough and that is why he is only a 50/50 fighter.  I expect a very tough fight from him.”


Kamal will again be fighting on a card with Arash Usmanee, his former senior National teammate, who is the main event.  This Friday night of boxing also includes two young Quebec professional fighters Kevin Lavallee (4-1) and Michael Gadbois (2-0), and some amateur fights.


As for his future, Kamal said, “my promoter has told me that my next bout is set for October 22 at the Mississauga Hershey Centre, however, he is also trying to arrange another fight for me before then. My goal is to finish my first year as a pro 6-0 with 6 KO’s.”



Bad Decisions not good for boxing: First Caballero now Lara gets robbed what's next?


By Ivan Montiel 


In case you don't know Michael Gerald Tyson also known as IRON Mike Tyson turned 45 years old today.

Tyson was born June 30, 1966 in Brooklyn, New York.

Many will remember Tyson for his crazy antics inside and outside the boxing ring.

Not me though I always remember Tyson for his great accomplishments throughout his successful boxing career.

Some of Tyson's great memories include his first round KO over Marvis Frazier in round 1. Tyson will also be remembered for many years with his 2nd round destruction over Trevor Berbick to capture the WBC heavyweight title. Of course we can't forget Tyson knocking out Michael Spinks in 91 seconds in the first round of their scheduled 12 round fight as Tyson successfully defended his WBC, WBA and IBF titles!

I like many FIGHT FANS became a big fan of Tyson for his KO power yet two fights that I can't get enough of were his battles against Jamaican/Canadian Donovan "Razor" Ruddock which are classic fights.

Ever since Tyson retired in June of 2005 the heavyweight division just has not been as exciting. Tyson compiled a fine record of 50 wins with 44 KO's and only 6 losses.

I like many FIGHT FANS miss watching Tyson fight.

It was an honor having attended his induction ceremony a couple of weeks ago Tyson sure deserved being inducted as one of the best heavyweights of all time.

I wish Tyson all the best! I am happy to see Tyson living a happy life with his family.

Happy Birthday Tyson and may you have many more great days to come!


United Boxing Promotions in association with Hennessy Sports brought FIGHT FANS another great night of fights with NABA lightweight champ Logan Cotton McGuinness defending his title and unbeaten record once again.

Logan's opponent Mexican Daniel "Canerito" Ruiz who travelled from Los Mochis, Mexico in hopes of shocking the champ and his fans.

Ruiz sure shocked the champ and the entire Hershey Centre as he fought a competitive close fight against McGuinness!

Daniel gave Logan a tough fight, a fight the champ had to work harder than ever to win.

It's a good thing Cotton didn't under-estimate his opponent because this Mexican wasn't going to fold that easy this Mexican warrior was going to give McGuinness his best shot!

Daniel sure gave the champ his best shots however McGuinness showed the heart of a champion by being able to absorb and land some of his own shots on Ruiz.

As the fight was about to end, Ruiz began to hurt McGuinness especially in the 8th and final 10th round.

The champ just wouldn't go down he kept fighting back as his team and friends yelled "take a knee" others yelled "hold on"

The champ wasn' hearing anyone all he wanted to do was fire back as he looked to be out on his feet.

The final bell than rang and the fight was all over!

As FIGHT FANS waited for the scores to be read some ringside observers had Ruiz winning while others had the champ winning in a close fight.

Once the ring announcer got the scorecards one judge had it 95-95 for McGuinness meanwhile the other two judges had it scored 96-94 which meant the champ had retain his title.

McGuinness now improves his fine record to 15-0-7KO's while Ruiz slips down to 22-4-1-16KO's.

It sure was a scary night for the Canadian boxing world thank goodness Logan Cotton McGuinness remained champ and undefeated.

I'm sure McGuinness will have learned from this fight which will help him become an even better fighter as he continues to progress.





Julio César Chavez, Jr., felicidades on your recent victory over Sebastian Szbik. It was 

impressive to see you battle it out for a full twelve rounds.  You are on your way to becoming 

more than just your father's son.  You are your own man; a tough fighter in your own right. 


Now let's get down to business. 


Right after your fight with Szbik, I began to receive messages and comments from different 

people in the fight business saying that "Team Chavez" will do everything possible to avoid 

fighting me—the WBC’s #1 ranked mandatory challenger.  


Julio, dime que no es cierto, y si es cierto, dime que tú no estás de acuerdo.* 


Your father, Julio Cesar Chavez, Sr. is considered the greatest fighter In Mexican history.  He 

became great and beloved by all of Mexico because he was fearless and never avoided 

fighting anyone who was a mandatory challenger.  He backed away from no one. 


Now, you are " El Cesar; El Campeón".  As a fellow Mexicano, I ask you just one question, is it 

true, are you really trying to avoid me?  I am as proud of being a Mexicano as you are.  I am 

your mandatory challenger.  I have earned the right to challenge you in the ring where I have 

no doubt, no matter what happens, you and I will put on the kind of fight that will make all of 

Mexico proud. 


Julio, contact me personally or my team at 213-533-0022 and let me know that you and I will 

fight as soon as possible; let the boxing world know that you are much more than just your 

father's son.  Let them know that you will keep your father's legacy alive.  Let them know that 

you are a true and fearless Mexican Champion. 


Let's fight. 



Marco Antonio Veneno Rubio 


*Julio, tell me that’s not true, and if it is, tell me you’re not in agreement with this. 




Everlast Photo Contest


To enter go to Contest - The Fight Network 






Cabballero wants a Rematch

By Ivan 'LatinoPorVida' Montiel

Celestino Caballero we welcome you back to Morales Boxing since your most recent fight a couple of weeks ago against Jason Litzau in which you were the favourite going into that battle, you had the reach and height advantage however you weren’t able to neutralize Litzau what happened?


CC: The problem was at the moment of having to move up in weight I gained too much weight therefore I felt too heavy


We did notice you out of gas since the first round however at the same time we also saw Litzau fight dirty using his head and even knees at times could that have also been a factor?


CC: Yes of course that Litzau also hit me behind the head, he head locked me and even got me on the neck all those dirty tactics also affected me throughout the night


Were you also surprised that ref Joe Cortez didn’t even deduct one point from Litzau?


CC: Yes indeed Litzau was warned several times for hitting me behind my head for like 4-5 rounds that shows everybody Jason was being favoured


You did land some big punches on Litzau did it surprise you that you could not knock him out?


CC: Yes unfortunately I did not have the same speed while landing those big shots of mine otherwise it would have been a different outcome


Do you want a rematch or will you go back down in weight or stay at 130 pounds?


CC: I would love a rematch even if it happens at a much higher weight class because I believe making Litzau move up to 137 would be better for me.  I believe at a higher weight I will knock him out if not I would like another championship fight at 126.  I won’t forget Litzau though I want another fight with him!


Have you negotiated with Litzau for a rematch?


CC: Well my promoter says there was a rematch however plans have changed therefore it looks like Litzau will most likely fight Jorge Linares next.  I am thinking they will meet at 133 yet I am not so sure at what weight they will meet.  In the meantime I am willing to fight anyone in hopes of capturing many world titles!


Thank you once again Caballero best of luck in the future we hope to see sometime soon.


Thank you Ivan anytime I am here ready to talk boxing.  I promise I will not let my fans down the next time, Caballero will return much better the next time around.  



Interview with Celestino Caballero 

By Ivan Montiel


Q: Celestino Caballero you have an upcoming fight against Jason Litzau this Saturday on HBO while moving up in weight therefore tell us how has your training has gone so far any issues with making weight?


A:No not at all training camp has gone very well an excellent one I have not had to sacrifice anything therefore I am ready for Saturday


Q: This is your second fight working with Jeff Mayweather; you sure looked good in your last fight against previously unbeaten Indonesian Daud Cino Yordan anything new in which Jeff has taught you?


A:Yes Jeff sure has taught me new things in the gym expect to see more from EL PELENCHIN


Q: In your most recent fight you somewhat fought like Floyd Mayweather Jr right?


A: That’s right that is exactly what Jeff is trying to teach me and all his other fighters to be the best just like Floyd Mayweather Jr


Q: Both you and Litzau hit hard therefore what can we expect on Saturday?


A:Well expect a great fight therefore if the knockout comes it comes!


Q: Let’s say you get passed Litzau are there any other opponents you look to fight next?


A:Well I am willing to fight the champions at 126Lbs anytime unfortunately they have not wanted any part of me therefore let’s see what happens after Litzau


Q: Anything you would like to say to Jason Litzau?


A: Litzau just better be ready so we can make an excellent fight!


Q: Marquez versus Katsidis is the main event of the night who wins?


A:Great match up but I am with Marquez who has the better discipline, both are warriors but Marquez has much better boxing skills something Katsidis needs to learn and that’s how to box.


Q: What do you have to say to your fans that will be watching you on Saturday?


A:Tune in on HBO this Saturday do not miss my fight I promise everyone I will not disappoint.  Thank you Ivan Montiel for having me once again I also want to thank the rest of my fans who continue to support me much appreciated



 Maravilla KO Williams 


By Ivan Montiel


In what was supposed to be the rematch of the year ended to be the KO of the year with WBC middleweight champion Sergio Martinez knocking out Paul Williams landing a crushing left hook that layed his opponent out on his face while kissing the canvas. Both fighters did predict a KO win, it sure ended by knockout.

The first round looked as if Williams was going to give Martinez the same medicine he gave Carlos Quintana in their rematch. Williams came out fast landing the first punch of the night not giving the Argentine distance to land much punches. There was quite of bit of holding mostly from Martinez although Sergio did return some fire of his own. I like most observers gave the first round to Williams. In the second round Martinez kept holding at the same time punching away as Williams landed some big shots of his own. All of a sudden as Williams was about to land a big left, Martinez caught him with a big left of his own which ended the fight at 1:10 giving Martinez the KO win. Martinez has proved many times before that he is the best in the middleweight division having beaten Williams by a sensational KO most definatly makes him the KING at middleweight can't nobody argue. Both Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao are now being talked about as possible future opponents for Martinez, I say forget them let's have Martinez versus Russian Dmitry Pirog. Martinez sure deserves the great opportunities coming his way!


Here are some of the post comments made by MARAVILLA to Max Kellerman while being asked several questions "We had it prepared", "What changed is that I began to attack", "Williams came in too wide leaving himself open", "I want to rest a bit, I want to thank Williams and hear what offers are given next", "156 pounds is not a problem for me", 


Sergio Martinez now improves his fine record to 46wins, 2 losses, 25KO's meanwhile Paul Williams drops to 39wins, 2 losses, 27KO's 



Juan Manuel Lopez stop Marquez in the 8th round


By Ivan Montiel


As anticipated in what could very well be considered as another fight of the year candidate last night we witnessed another great rival battle between Puerto Rico versus Mexico as WBO featherweight champion Juan Manuel Lopez went toe to toe against future hall of famer Rafael Marquez at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Both warriors exchanged punches, got stunned yet kept pushing forward showing pure heart, speed and raw power.  Although Lopez kept the pressure on Marquez the Mexican just wouldn't be pushed back Marquez would return fire of his own.  The fight last 8 rounds with Marquez not being able to throw his right hand in which he had substained injury to his right shoulder.  Marquez refused to asnwer the bell for the 9th round in which at that point in time Lopez fell to the centre of the ring to celebrate his biggest win of his career up to date.  Both fighters embraced each other talking about of possible rematch.  "I was hurt before I came into this fight before coming into this fight yet I didn't want to postpone it again, in the 3rd round I just couldn't throw anymore" said Marquez.


"He's a world champion. Just when you think Marquez is hurt he will come back at you" said Lopez giving nothing but respect to Marquez.


Both fighters showed why they are the elite amongst the featherweight division.  Both are real champions!


undefeated WBO featherweight champion Juan Manuel Lopez now improves his fine record with 30 wins and 27 KO's meanwhile Rafael Marquez drops his great record to 39 wins 6 losses with 35KO's



The Importance Of Choosing The Proper Hand Wraps


When you start doing any kind of contact sport where you are going to pound the heavy bag, hand wraps are essential for the protection of your hands.  It is important to know that there are 2 types of wraps: cotton and stretch polyester commonly known as Mexican style. 


One of the most popular ways to wrap your hands is to go between your fingers.  This can prove difficult when using cotton wraps because they are too thick.  What happens is that when you go between your fingers, the wrap will open the space between the knuckles more than the natural position of your nuckles, this creates stress in the ligaments, and instead of protecting your hands the cotton wraps may cause damage instead.  Some coaches and athletes are moving away from cotton to stretch Polyester wraps.  


Stretch Polyester wraps are more suitable for people who prefer wrapping between their fingers.  One feature of this material is its stretch and light weight, which offers comfort and protection between the knuckles without putting stress on the ligaments.  Another feature is that the stretchiness allows you to tighten the wraps.  The elasticity and tightness remains and does not loosen during use as the cotton wraps do particularily when hands get sweaty.  Stretchy wraps are more comfortable and eliminate cutting off circulation to the hands. 


If you have stretch polyester wraps, go ahead and wrap your hands between your fingers for more protection, and if you have cotton wraps avoid using the wraps between your fingers, concentrate on padding your knuckles.


Rey Morales 

Owner, Morales Boxing

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